“Every child has a right to grow up with a loving relationship with both parents. Each parent has the responsibility of ensuring that their child achieve their right.”

Glamorgan House Family Development Centre is an accredited children’s contact Centre, providing various services to vulnerable families undergoing some of the most distressed periods in their lives. Each situation is unique and we cater to all circumstances by offering three different types of contact; supported, supervised and hand over services.

Working closely with mediation services, we encourage improved relations between the parents and to focus on the best interests of their child.

In the midst of separation, divorce, family conflict and abuse, it is vital to us as a children’s centre to deliver safety, neutrality, support and a relaxed atmosphere.

The core values of Glamorgan House Family Development Centre are to provide a means for growth of meaningful relationships between children and their estranged family member and guide practical nd workable arrangements for contact in the future.

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